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Pope County & Pulaski County – Saturday

May 3, 2014

I am doing much better with jet lag, but I still poop out at night and wake up really early. I was up before 5:30 and got a lot done here before leaving before 7 a.m. to head to Russellville and the Pope County MG Plant Sale. I passed a hot air balloon right before the fairgrounds. pope county plant sale01 Supposedly, there were many more in the county that morning. The fairgrounds were hopping when I arrived and plants were sailing out. Great bargains were there for all. pope county plant sale05

pope county plant sale06

pope county plant sale07
They have some wonderfully talented Master Gardeners who created great art work for the various plant divisions pope county plant sale04

pope county plant sale08 and a gorgeous bird house gourd for me! ???????????????????????????????

They also did some very educational and outstanding plant markers for almost all of the plants they were selling. Not only was this educational, but it cut down on many of the questions–plus they were laminated, so could be used again next year. Great idea! pope county plant sale09

I did two educational talks and Frank talked about a compost sale for their youth project. pope county plant sale10

pope county plant sale11

pope county plant sale13

pope county plant sale14 All in all an outstanding event with a lot of community support. I did buy a small Frank’s fig tree and my first tomato plant of the season, even if it was 46 degrees this morning!

As I was leaving, I drove by Frank and Linda’s place since they said that their iris were in bloom. I love the look of them, but am not overly fond of dealing with the foliage all year, but they were beautiful to view. russenbergers (8)
But what was truly amazing was this peony: russenbergers (1)

russenbergers (9) I think I need one of these.

I made it home mid afternoon and walked my yard. It was dry, so I watered and fertilized, but I also picked lettuce and spinach for a shaved asparagus and mushroom salad I took to a party tonight. My garden is looking pretty good. I have lettuce, spinach, broccoli, onions, potatoes, bok choy, carrots, potatoes and peas. I may have some peas to pick this week. peas3 veg garden may1.
My clematis is stunning right now clematis2 and the new honeydew melon sage is blooming already.salvia honeydew melon It looks a lot like the pineapple sage, but it does smell like a honeydew melon. The new encore is blooming encore new and so is my new rhododendron rhodo may

But the wild violets have multiplied like crazy since I was gone. ??????????????????????????????? Tomorrow is attack day!

Tonight Clay and I went to an outdoor potluck at our friends house. Great food and a nice night to be outdoors. leslie party She had a unique herb garden created out of an old pallet-herb pallet Clever! It was a very nice night.

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