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State Conference Thursday

May 29, 2014

Registration began bright and early this morning and Master Gardeners began pouring in, along with silent auction items. Once again, we had cloudy skies, but for a few brief showers the weather held. Let’s hope the trend continues tomorrow. The trade show was doing a brisk business.



Registration went on until 7 pm and all but 30 had arrived by closing time. A bad accident and construction caused some heavy delays, but people finally arrived with plenty of time to do the downtown tours.

All afternoon there were seminars


20140529-214417.jpgphotography workshops and a technology fair. The Hilton chef did three cooking demonstrations to a packed house each time.



At 3 pm, buses started loading for a round robin tour of downtown Texarkana, ending at the Texarkana Country club for a wonderful dinner and relaxation.



Then it was back to the hotel to pick up silent auction items and do a bit of cleanup. The skies had cleared and there were some amazing night skies.



It has been a full day with another one tomorrow, so I am off to bed!

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