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A busy Monday

June 9, 2014

Storms and rain continued all last night and into this morning. We got another inch of rain, so in the past 2 1/2 days we have had 2 1/2 inches of rain!  It did clear off this afternoon but more may be headed our way tomorrow.

We hit the ground running today.  We waited for the weather to abate before heading to Conway to get set up for our agent training tomorrow, but before we left, I wrote columns, set up the Saturday MG training, worked on advanced MG IPM training and trying to wrap up the state MG conference before our Pass the Torch luncheon next week.  We finally left the office about 1 to head to Conway.  We are doing a hands on plant and problem ID training for county agents tomorrow and we wanted to see what was out there to show them.  We went to several nurseries in the area and saw a lot of good plant material.

callibrachoa dark purple conway. gerbera fringed june IMG_0224 loropetalum jade confetti conway june9. succulents conway.june9

We also bought supplies for breaks and took everything to the local county office where the training will be.  We hope the weather cooperates so that we can do much of the training outdoors tomorrow at nurseries and the Legacy Garden, but we are prepared if it rains. We did walk the Legacy Gardens in front of the office.  Drainage is sill a problem in some areas and with all this rain, we had some really wet spots, but the gardens are thriving.  Many butterflies and bees were flying all around.  The Faulkner County Master Gardeners do a great job maintaining this large project.

??????????????????????????????? legacy garden conway june9 monarda red conway june9

Julie and I made it back in time to meet Holly and Beth to celebrate a belated birthday dinner for me. Having a celebration a couple of months after your birthday is kind of nice–it spreads out the festivities!  We had a great visit and a wonderful meal.  It is hard to get a date that all our schedules can work with.birthday dinner in june (1) birthday dinner in june (2)Tomorrow we will be off to Conway early.

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