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Garvan Gardens and a Hot, Humid Day

July 8, 2014

Today was our monthly television shooting day at Garvan Gardens.  We decided to start earlier than normal to beat the heat. We got going by 8 a.m. and it was already a bit muggy.  The gardens look great.  The cooler than normal weather early this season, coupled with ample rain have given the plants a real boost–not like the 20 hour  days in Scotland with really wet, mild weather, but the gardens in Hot Springs look great.

garvan july 8.05garvan july 8.04 caladiums garvan july 81 Their summer addition this year is Mystic Creatures, and it has been a huge hit.  The topiaries are really filling in nicely.  If you have not been to see them, plan to do so before September.

mystic creatures garvan july 82 mystic creatures garvan july 83The newly designed and planted Southern Inspiration Garden is also looking good, despite it’s infancy.

garvan southern inspiration garden july 8.14.1 garvan southern inspiration garden july 8.14.2 garvan southern inspiration garden july 8.14.3A peacock came to see what we were doing.

garvan july 8.07The annuals are looking great. The new sunpatiens really can take the sun, and so many new varieties of torenia are growing great, along with the fan flower–scaevola.

scavola - fan flower garvan july 8 sunpatiens garvan july 8.3 torenia garvan july8I also saw a really interesting shelf fungus. It looks like a head of cabbage!

shelf fungi garvan3By the time we got finished taping, I was beginning to glisten! It was muggy and warm, so the air conditioning in my car felt great. I got back to the office and worked on powerpoints for the advanced MG training and Saturday MG training.  I think we have things pretty well organized.  I made it home in time to water a few pots–since the rain did not materialize. Clay and I went to join friends for dinner and then headed home. The skies are gray now and the wind is picking up, so it looks like the rain should come any minute.

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  1. Rosemary Janes permalink
    July 12, 2014 3:48 pm

    Unfortunately, I deleted the post about the statewide MG training. I would like to buy a thumbnail that contains the presentations. I have finished MG training in North Carolina and I think it would be a great resource. I moved to NC in Oct but follow your blogs eagerly. Thank you.

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