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July 13, 2014

I had an entire free day today so I had to try to get as much accomplished as possible. I cleaned up a bit, did all the laundry and did spend some time in the yard.  It needs a lot more work than what I did, but I have decided that I must have gotten acclimated to Scotland–because the heat and humidity about did me in today. I could not do more than an hour at a time, and then I went out in dribbles to get more done. I did get the vegetable garden tidied and tomatoes re-staked, some weeds pulled, and all flowers deadheaded and everything fertilized.

tomatoes july 13.1 tomatoes july 13.2

I watered the vegetable garden and cleaned up a bit, and harvested about half of the carrots.  The size discrepancy shows what a poor job of thinning I did!

carrots july 13.2Everything is growing quite nicely including the weeds.  I have a lot more to pull, especially that dreaded chambers bitters.

chambers bitters

I also have a little crabgrass in the raised beds, but that is really easy to pull.  Other than the weeds and seedheads forming on all the herbs, I think the garden is in good shape.  I did see a little powdery mildew on some dogwood seedlings, but not on the actual trees.

powdery mildew dogwood july 13.I am speaking to the beekeepers in Hope tomorrow night, so I was really watching for bees today. I saw a few honeybees, but mainly solitary bees and bumblebees.  They really like the sesame seed plant and the cuphea. cuphea july 13. sesame seed flower with bee.july 13.

I am going to start back with the mystery plant challenge. Here they are for the day.

Mystery plant A. – is a deciduous shrubmystery plant july 14.2 mystery plant july 14.1Mystery plant B is a perennial

mystery plant july 14.3Mystery plant C is another perennial.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Good luck!

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  1. Sharon Berdine permalink
    July 13, 2014 7:47 pm

    Mystery Plant A – Agapanthus
    B – Wild Blue Phlox
    C – Gompherina

  2. Dianne Percefull permalink
    July 14, 2014 1:09 pm

    Mystery Plants 7-14-14
    A. Clethra anifolia summersweet; “Rosea”???
    B. Summer Phlox
    c. Astrantia major; Master wort “Ruby Wedding”???

  3. Grazzie MasterGardner permalink
    July 24, 2014 3:43 pm

    Hi!! Where did you post the 2000 photos from Scotland trip? I’d like to include a couple including Ketha and Ginger in our MCMG newsletter, *comPOSTINGS. *Thanks, Grazzie



    Montgomery County Master Gardener County 76 Master Gardener Advisory Council

    670 Big Fork Road Norman, AR 71960 870/334-6297

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