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Nashville Day 2 and My, what a difference a day makes!

July 15, 2014

From almost 100 degrees with high humidity to  horrendous thunderstorms and torrential rain to clear blue skies, low humidity and mild temperatures!  I like today a whole lot better than yesterday!  I started off the day catching up on the emails I missed from yesterday and doing a morning blog.  I felt completely off the grid last night with no cell phone or internet.  But imagine the businesses in town that were without from 1:15 p.m. – 10 p.m. No credit card machines, people couldn’t buy fishing licenses or permits–you need the internet, and even some of the automatic gas pumps couldn’t work–credit cards couldn’t be processed.  People were in an uproar.  It is amazing how dependent we are on the internet.

I had two more speaking engagements in Howard County today. On my way to the Howard County ECH building, I made a quick detour to see the demonstration gardens at the Howard Co. Farmers Market.  These gardens are managed by Master Gardeners and they looked great.

nashville demonstration organic garden.july15.02 nashville demonstration organic garden.july15.03 nashville demonstration organic garden.july15.04This garden is next to a 4-H demonstration garden. I would think the galvanized container might heat up a bit in hot weather.

nashville demonstration organic garden.july15.09 nashville demonstration organic garden.july15.10The Howard Co. Farmers Market is a great market, and they have joined forces with neighboring Hempstead Co. and are now holding markets in Hope, Washington and Nashville.

howard county Farmers market July 15.1 howard county Farmers market July 15.3Then I went to the EHC building.  The Extension Homemakers sponsored a meeting for the public on summer plants for the garden. They had a very nice crowd and they have a really nice facility to hold meetings. Many questions kept me there for a bit longer than I thought.

howard co ehc program july 15.1 howard co ehc program july 15.3Then it was off to their local Rotary Club meeting with another good group. Several from the first meeting, followed me to the second.  Again, many questions and lots of interaction on gardening.

howard co rotary.I came home with some great treats!  The beekeepers gave me honey, the EHC ladies gave me canned vegetables and the Rotary gave me a lovely necklace.  Dentist Glenn asked me to stop by his office before I left town for some famous Nashville peaches.  In addition to some fabulous peaches (I have already eaten one and more for dinner tonight), he gave me fresh shelled peas from his garden and a watermelon!  Quite the haul and very much appreciated.  The Howard County folks are quite hospitable and also interested in gardening!canned goods and honey howard co.2 peaches howard co. peas howard co.It was an easy drive home.  I checked out my garden, and one of the questions often asked today, was about pruning plants.  I told them it was too late to prune any spring bloomers since they would soon be setting flower buds.  I was surprised to see that I already have flower buds set on my tulip magnolia, camellias and dogwoods!  This mild weather and frequent rain has things speeding up.

magnolia soulangiana flower buds july 15.My ferns are also growing like gangbusters and loaded with spores–what they produce instead of seeds.

fern - autumn fern with spores. july 15.Two of my hardy hibiscus had spectacular red blooms today as well.  They like the moisture too!

hardy hibiscus july 15.1 hardy hibiscus july 15.2It was a very good day.  Now I am going to eat some of those peaches and peas!


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