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Monroe and Saline Counties

July 17, 2014

Yesterday I spent the day in the office preparing for upcoming events.  We also worked on some new technology we now have access to that we can access our office computer from home or on the road, and a new site to share all the photos and files with Julie, Holly and me.  It should help us tremendously, once we have passed the learning curve. I spent several hours trying to get everything to load properly at the office and at home, but I think I have it all set. The more I use it, the better I should get at it.

online computer work.

Today I went to the tri-county meeting of Monroe, Lee and Phillips county. It was hosted at the home of Larry and Judy Nash in Wheatley. They have a gorgeous garden and by looking at it today, you would not know that it was under water not much more than a week ago.  This part of Arkansas got flooded with over 12 inches of rain. Many fields have still not recovered and homes were lost too.  But at least this garden has rebounded and you would not know they had damage.

nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.08 nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.09 nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.13 blackeyed Susan july17. wheatley.1 judy nash2 nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.04

They set training dates for a new class for 2015 and to help promote it, they have come up with some creative solutions.

nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.18 nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.20

One is to do a series of seminars at Brinkley’s Fall Fest. I will be going up on Saturday, October 4 to be one of the speakers.  This is a small but mighty group. They had 100% participation today from Monroe County.   They had a short program from Arkansas One Call, and I did a program on summer plants.  Then we were treated to a fabulous catfish (and chicken) lunch prepared by Larry and crew.  It was delicious. We walked the garden and talked plants and then I was back on the road.

nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.14 nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.23 nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.24

I had light rain on the way back, but hard to believe it is July in Arkansas with a high in the upper 60’s!  It continued to rain tonight as I drove to Benton for our monthly planning session for the 2015 Arkansas State MG conference, and it is still raining as I write this!   We had a great turnout from committee chairman, and I think we have a firm footprint for the conference and things are coming together nicely.  The goal is to start a monthly newsletter in August to keep everyone informed of what is happening. Mark your calendar for June 4-6 in Saline County! You won’t want to miss it!

saline co planning july17.14.1 saline co planning july17.14.2 saline co planning july17.14.3

I am always impressed and appreciative of all the enthusiasm and energy given off by Arkansas Master Gardeners, and today we had two more great examples.  I think this quote kind of sums it up:

nash garden monroe co mg meeting.july17.06


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