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Finally, a day in the yard

July 21, 2014

I got up early and hit it! I had a day to spend in the yard trying to catch up.  I did have the help from both of my children off and on, so we actually got quite a bit accomplished. I weed-whacked the front yard until the battery died, then it went on the charger, to be used later in the day.  I hand-pulled weeds, and pruned out a ton of privet, honeysuckle, running kerria, and vinca.  I also had some gigantic poke salat plants which went into the pile.  We had a system going.  We were cutting and loading all morning.  While we are nowhere near finished, it is looking a LOT better.  I have to admit, I was so busy, I did not take my camera with me.  While we were pulling and cutting weeds in the back, I found a rogue cherry tomato plant, loaded with tomatoes.  We cleaned up around it and staked it, so we are hoping for good returns.

I was on my last pruning of privet, when I cut at the base and it looked like a piece of rope wrapped around the base, but then a little head popped up–Snake! I decided I had done enough there today.  I am not a huge fan of snakes, and not sure what this one was, but it was small–thankfully!

We finally planted the caladium bulbs I bought over a month ago, and I also planted a small Japanese maple and a few other plants.  My son hauled the heavy bags around, so we used up most of the super soil and garden soil I had.  I have cleaned up the vegetable garden and now need some more seeds and plants to plant.  I plan to put out a fall crop of both warm and cool season stuff.  I did turn on the sprinkler to water in the fertilizer I put out on all the annuals, vegetables and tropicals.

The tropical milkweed is doing great, and I have bees all over the abelia and even on the hydrangea.

milkweed tropical july 21Speaking of hydrangeas, the strawberry vanilla panicle plant looks great and is even beginning to show a hint of pink this year.

hydrangea strawberry vanilla july 21.The mild weather and ample rainfall has really allowed our gardens to thrive.  I think this is one of the first summers where you can’t tell who is caring for their garden and who isn’t–the rain is keeping everything green and growing–along with the weeds. I have pulled a ton today!

We cleaned up and had a nice late sushi lunch out, ran to the library and I worked on editing photos of Scotland the rest of the afternoon. Tonight I cooked dinner–we had grilled carrots with chicken and quinoa, and the carrots were quite nice–I used a glaze of olive oil and balsamic.– Carrot dish #1!

carrots for grillingThen the rest of the evening I spent putting together a powerpoint on the Gardens of Scotland for tomorrows County 76 meeting. It is hard to narrow the choices from over 2000 pictures to a 30-45 minute talk. I will be speed talking tomorrow to get through. It was so much fun reliving the gardens and the trip putting this together–and now it is off to bed!


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