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County 76

July 22, 2014

Today was our third quarterly meeting of the year for our statewide Master Gardener advisory board.

county 76 july 22.14.08

Jane Burrows stepped in for president John Richardson since he is off on vacation. She did a really nice job.  We got a lot accomplished.  PNG- Leadership is finalizing plans for the upcoming October leadership conference. There are still a few slots left for both the grant workshop and the leadership portion. We have 33 counties registered, and would love to have 100% of our MG counties participating. If you would like to come, please do.  I believe the leadership conference is a huge part of the success of the Arkansas MG program. While the main draw is gardening and horticulture, being able to manage, recruit and maintain our volunteers is why they keep coming.  If you have questions, let me know. county 76 july 22.14.04 county 76 july 22.14.05 county 76 july 22.14.06 county 76 july 22.14.07

All of our committees had a lot to do today accomplished quite a bit. Communication is working on a new powerpoint to promote County 76, has worked on the calendar, the newsletter and speakers bureau.  Retention, recruitment and recognition has come up with a variety of materials to help counties do all three. They will be presenting at PNG and will share more.  Fundraising continue to do just that–raise funds, and the Training committee is working on a whole host of Advanced MG training topics along with the Saturday training.

County 76 does a lot to help the MG program statewide, but it also brings something to the MG’s who participate. They get to be in on the decision making and they make connections with each other, which brings a wealth of resources to their local county programs. If you are interested in joining, we would love to have you. We did have 8 new members today who joined.

county 76 july 22.14.23 county 76 july 22.14.22 county 76 july 22.14.19 county 76 july 22.14.17 county 76 july 22.14.15 county 76 july 22.14.14 county 76 july 22.14.11 county 76 july 22.14.09

This evening we went to a cocktail party at some friends of ours. They have a very nice landscape in west Pulaski County.   They have added to the decor with a large chicken coop–have I mentioned that chickens are getting popular?!  They have taken it a step further and added seating in the middle of their coop!  What a hoot. All the chickens are named and they are getting 8 eggs a day.  They have no plans for when the chickens quit laying, nor do they want to think of that day.  We saw a lot of old friends and a good time was had by all!

cosgroves.2 cosgroves.5

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