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Brain Drain!

July 24, 2014

It has been a busier than normal summer and we seem to move from one project to another, often doing them consecutively.  We also are working on the website with new software, we got new technology to share desktops and photos and add this to all that we are doing and we seem to overwhelm ourselves.  Julie and I seem to be in a haze of activity and sometimes we don’t know up from down these days, but I do think we are making progress.  Training helps keep us on top of things, so I went to a class yesterday on snippets.

snippet training. july 1Do you know what snippets are? I wasn’t sure, although I have to admit, I have been using them a bit.  By Webster’s definition a snippet is a small part, piece, or thing; especially :  a brief quotable passage.  But if you are doing web design a snippet  is an HTML representation of a SharePoint component or control such as a navigation bar or a Web Part. WOW!  Doesn’t that clear things up.  Julie and I are in charge of trying to keep updating the horticulture website, moving my weekly columns, and stories into the extension web site, but sometimes just when we think we know what is going on, things change and we are confused, so more training. 

I did get some new stories uploaded with pictures, and have more to do. We also have things organized for Saturday training, the beginning class for landscape design at Garvan on Monday is ready to go, the business card order forms should go out tomorrow, bus contracts have been asked for, a newsletter for France is in the works, two columns were written today and I continue to download photos.

Speaking of photos, I finally finished editing all 2,103 photos from Scotland and labeling as best as possible last night. I am now in the process of copying them to Flickr and Dropbox so I can share them. It takes a while to move that many photos, even at a lower resolution. This is one more way where my husband and I are quite different. He used to be a professional photographer and takes thousands of pictures and plans to use 10 or 12 good ones, saving the rest in archives.  I take thousands of photos and plan to use ALL but 10 or 12 and permanently discard those few unused ones.   I will share where they are located once they are through saving.  It has been fun reliving the trip through the photos and trying to remember all the plants.

We got more rain yesterday, slightly over half an inch at my house.  What an unusual summer.  I walked the garden tonight and my plants seem to be doing great, although many are ahead of schedule. I already have blooms on the toad lilies and it is still JULY!

toad lily july 24.2The naked lady lycoris are blooming nicely.

naked ladies july 24.1and the Encore azaleas and Harlequin clereodendron are both about to burst into bloom.

clereodendron flower buds july24. encore azalea buds july 24.Tomorrow is another day in the office and then week 3 of Saturday training.


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