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Sat MG training and supper club

July 26, 2014

It was week 3 of our statewide Saturday MG training, and it was a very good day.  We started off with Becky McPeake talking deer control in the garden, then were entertained by Pulaski co MG Jane Gulley who is a 25 year member on attracting birds and butterflies–great information as well as a good laugh. Then extension entomologist John Hopkins talked insects, and Theo Witsell from the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission talked about native plants and habitats.  To round off the day, I did annuals, perennials and shrubs.  It was a fast paced day with a lot of education but I think everyone enjoyed it and learned a lot.  I just hope they aren’t on brain overload!

sat mg training july 26.14.01 sat mg training july 26.14.03 sat mg training july 26.14.04 sat mg training july 26.14.05 sat mg training july 26.14.06 sat mg training july 26.14.08I made it home with enough time to freshen up before we hit it for our supper club. This group of close friends have been cooking for each other for over two decades.  Tonight’s dinner at the Feild’s was no exception to fine dining and great fun.  From seasoned baked wonton chips with a mango pico de gallo and fresh shrimp to jerk pork and coconut rice to a fabulous pina colada cake, we had a wonderful meal and even better conversations and wine.  As we ate our appetizers we reminisced about our spring trip to France and the Canal di Midi.  Three out of 4 couples went on our trip of a lifetime, so we got to share a bit with them as well as our mystery guests.   Great friends are even more important than great food and wine, but we are lucky to have all three at once!

supper club July 26.14.01 supper club July 26.14.02 supper club July 26.14.04 supper club July 26.14.18 supper club July 26.14.16 supper club July 26.14.14 supper club July 26.14.10 supper club July 26.14.07while wine may be his specialty, fashion may need to be reconsidered! LOL:)

supper club July 26.14.08

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  1. Kathy Ratcliffe permalink
    July 27, 2014 7:25 am

    I need to know where he shops for his clothes! Fun!

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