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Sunday chores and mystery plant

August 3, 2014

It got hot today and it was humid early. I was outside weed eating, pulling weeds, fertilizing, pruning, harvesting, watering and monitoring the garden. I noticed one plant was  a bit wilted in spite of having watered, so I had to test the sprinkler head and found out it was not working well. Hopefully, I have fixed it.  I pruned back all my summer blooming spirea. I just used a hedge pruner and whacked them back, basically a bit more drastic than just deadheading. They should rebound and be back in bloom in a few weeks.

spirea cutting back aug 2.2014.2I also found quite a few privet plants interspersed in the garden. They were too stout to be cut with my battery charged weedeater, but I wounded them quite nicely, so hopefully they will die back. I did get the pruning shears out for a few of them.

privet wounding.aug 2014.1My herbs are growing amazingly well. I used the hedge trimmers to trim back the basil and mint, but did leave some of the flower stalks for the bees. They were all over the flower heads, so I hated to take them all away. My 1 year raised bed herb garden is a sea of herbs. I desperately need to make some pesto! I did use rosemary, oregano, mint and thyme tonight on the rack of lamb chops, but it was a drop in the bucket. I use fresh herbs multiple times a week, but I have a bumper crop. This is just one planting of several I have in the garden.

herbs august 2. 14.Sometimes we plant something that just doesn’t work where it was planted. That was the case of the orange buddleia. It got over six feet tall last year, in year one, and was headed to even greater heights this year, so I removed it today. It just didn’t work in the bed it was in. Moving plants around, or just getting rid of a plant that is taking over or doesn’t work, sometimes has to be done.  There is a hole now, but hopefully what is there will now have time to spread and fill in.

my garden aug3.14.It has been another fast weekend. I did get the laundry done and am packed for a night out tomorrow in Hot Springs. I do day 2 of the landscape design workshop at Garvan Gardens with Bob tomorrow, spend the night and then tape TV early Tuesday.  Tuesday is a meeting with the Saline Co MGs preparing for the 2015 State MG conference, and then in the office Wednesday before I leave Thursday for Pittsburgh.

Here are the mystery plants for the week:

Mystery Plant A –  is a native perennial

mystery plant aug3.

Mystery plant B – is a native perennial vine:

mystery plant aug4..113 mystery plant aug4..112 mystery plant aug4..111

Mystery plant C – mystery plant c aug.14. is a perennial herb.

Good luck!

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  1. Dianne Percefull permalink
    August 4, 2014 5:45 pm

    Mystery plant 8-3-2014

    A. Spider lily;Hymenocallis caroliniana
    B. Yellow passion flower; passiflora lutea
    C. Bronze fennal

  2. Steve Smith permalink
    August 4, 2014 8:57 pm

    Mystery Plants 3 Aug 2014

    A. Spider Lily Hymenocallis litteralis

    B. Yellow Passion Flower Passiflora lutea

    C. Bronze Fennel Foeniculum vulgare ‘Purpureum’

  3. Nancy Lowe permalink
    August 8, 2014 4:14 pm

    The herb is obviously one I don’t grow for some reason…so I’m guessing that it’s bronze fennel. I thought the vine was Kudzu, until I noticed that you said “native”. Same with the perennial flower–looks an awful lot like a Peruvian daffodil.

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