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Pictures, Garvan and Saline Co

August 5, 2014

Internet was too slow to send the blog last night, and even at the gardens I couldn’t get the pictures to go.  Here is a quick recap of yesterday.  Great landscape design workshop with wonderful base maps done by the attendees.

landscape workshop aug4.14.1 landscape workshop aug4.14.3

Then more planning, and a full night of garden discussion with Bob and Sherre.  We also got to meet Sherre’s dogs–Mr. Darcy and Max.  Max is probably the best trained dog I have seen–puts ours to shame!  He would sit until he was released to go get his treat.  I loved playing with both dogs before and after dinner, and again briefly this morning.

marigolds and lobelia.aug4.14 sherre freeman and bob.aug4.141 sherre freeman and bob.aug4.143

We had a great meal and have planned great things for the coming year.  Don’t forget to mark September 29 next month, for MG appreciation days at the garden. I will be sending out more information soon, but this year, you will be able to pre-purchase your lunch on-line! We are going high-tech.

sherre freeman and bob.aug4.145 sherre freeman and bob.aug4.146

Bob was taking pictures for his blog too.  Now you are caught up on yesterday.

Today we hit it early to tape tv at the gardens. It was quite pleasant when we started taping, with mild temperatures and low humidity, but that changed as the  day went on.

The topiaries really look amazing. If you haven’t been to see Mystic Creatures, you only have a little more time to go visit, and you don’t want to miss these. The Sea Serpent is one of my favorites, but they also have Big Foot, the Fairy Gourd Mother, a fairy village and the mushrooms.  These are a great summer attraction and they are working on upgrading and changing the exhibit for next summer.

topiary sea serpent.aug4.141 topiary sea serpent.aug4.144 topiary sea serpent.aug4.145

Overall, the gardens have really benefited from the mild summer.  The caladiums and impatiens are they largest I have ever seen them, and the elephant ears are pretty dramatic.  There are plenty of plants still in bloom, with more coming on.  The ginger lilies are a little behind, but loaded with buds, the Japanese anemones are opening and the salvias are also doing well. Their pineapple sage is in full bloom, and mine doesn’t even have a bud yet.

caladiums.aug4.14 golfcart ride aug.5.14 japanese anemone.aug5.14.1 pineapple sage aug5.garvan succulents aug4.14.garvan.01

After taping, Bob and I made a quick stop at his garden so I could see what he is growing. His limelight hydrangea is amazing! and the Black and Blue salvia is beautiful.  He also has tons of huge banana peppers, and a lovely orange dahlia

.salvia black and blue aug5.14 hydrangea limelight aug4.142 hydrangea limelight aug4.141 dahlia.aug4.14

Then it was back to Little Rock to get some work done, columns written before heading to the Benton Event Center to look at the space with the committee and plot where everything is going to go.  Be watching for the first installment of the newsletter quite soon.

saline co planning meeting aug5.14.1 saline co planning meeting aug5.14.3 saline co planning meeting aug5.14.4


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  1. larobinette permalink
    August 10, 2014 3:01 pm

    Hi Janet. I know you have pondered the idea of getting some chickens. Here is your chance. Ron is giving his chickens away. He had lung surgery on June 16 and is scaling back on his chicken hobby. Or, you may know of someone that wants some. Let us know.

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