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What day is it?

August 13, 2014

When you travel, sometimes it is hard to remember what day of the week it is.  Today felt more like a Monday than a Wednesday.  Julie and I were back at the office trying to get back on track.  I have several columns more to write, and we did get word out about some upcoming events.

Two workshops are upcoming from the Urban Forestry Council. The first is August 27 on Energy Conservation with Trees at the Butler Center in Little Rock, and the second is on tree climbing. It will be held Nov 21 from 8:00am-12:00pm in Fort Smith. More information on both events and how to register is available at

Also, if you are a Master Gardener and you would like to order business cards, Friday of this week is the deadline to get your orders in.  These are a nice thing to use when traveling to gardening events, when you go to a trade show or conference, or you run into some potential Master Gardener.  I know some of our MGs use them to share contact information with other MGs from other counties.  They are $10 per 100 and all orders must go through your local county extension office.

mg business card sample

The weather continues to amaze us this summer.  Mild and wonderful, but I am watering, and I am beginning to see some stressed lawns and plants, so check your garden.  Many people are lulled into thinking we have had ample rain and we don’t have to supplement, but a little extra water right now would be welcome.

Here are the answers to the last mystery plant challenge and the new ones for this week.  I know I am a bit behind!

Mystery plant A – is a wonderful native bulb called Hymenocallis or Spider Lily.  Another common name is Peruvian daffodil.  There are several species, and some bloom in the spring while others are blooming now. Most like a moist, but well drained environment.  They multiply from daughter bulbs and seeds.

mystery plant aug3.Mystery plant B – is another native plant, this one a vine. Yellow passionvine or Passiflora lutea produces a climbing or trailing vine that can grow more than 15 ft. in length. The greenish-yellow flowers are much smaller than the showy Maypop or Passionvine, growing only an inch or so across.  After flowering they produce small purple or black berries. The leaves can turn an attractive yellow in fall and the plant is a major food plant for several species of butterfly larvae.  That being said, it was rambling all through my azaleas and perennials, so it can be considered a bit weedy, depending on your garden style.

mystery plant aug4..112 mystery plant aug4..113Mystery plant C – is an herb/ornamental called bronze fennel -Foeniculum vulgare (fen-IK-yoo-lum) (vul-GAIR-ee).  The plant can grow about 4 feet tall and will can bloom in late summer with a cluster of yellow flowers which do form seeds–so it can reseed itself.  It does not produce the fennel bulb that the green plant does, but it still has the wonderful anise flavoring of the green variety, and is quite showy in the garden. It is a great perennial and a favorite of many caterpillars.

mystery plant c aug.14.

Here are your mystery plants for this week.

Mystery plant A  – mystery plant aug 11.14It is an annual flower.

Mystery plant B – is another annual.

mystery plant b August 11.14.Mystery plant C – is a deciduous shrub.

pittsburgh garden tour aug16.044 Good luck. This last one stumped many of us in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Ann Wood permalink
    August 14, 2014 10:33 pm

    Diascia, Euphorbia, and I am absolutely stumped. I’ve tried to make it pittosporum, weigela, azalea, dogwood, and about everything else but nothing looks quite right. Ann Wood

    Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 01:55:22 +0000 To:

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