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Many hands make light work and a promise of rain

August 18, 2014

The skies darkened yesterday and the winds blew and the thunder rumbled, but no rain materialized.  This morning, I drove in rain all the way to Garvan Gardens for our final landscape class (and the first day of school).  rain

Traffic was definitely worse even at 7 a.m. with the rain and the start of school traffic, but I made it to the gardens in plenty of time for our early morning consultations. Each week the class had homework.  They had to create a base map, then design their specific project.  Bob and I tagged team their designs helping to review their plans and make suggestions.

landscape construction sherre.aug18 (3) landscape construction sherre.aug18 (8) landscape construction workshop garv aug18.14.01 landscape construction workshop garv aug18.14.06

Because of the early rain, we decided to do part of the classroom lecture before heading outside to install their class landscape project.  After my session on proper planting and care, Bob went over the plans and we went outside and they got to place the plants where they thought they looked best.  Some were in too much shade and we moved them around before planting. It is always a good idea to put the plants in their pots where you think they want to go before planting.  It is much easier to move a pot around versus digging multiple holes.

landscape construction workshop garv aug18.14.08 landscape construction sherre.aug18 (5) landscape construction sherre.aug18 (10) landscape construction workshop garv aug18.14.05Then they started planting.  It is pretty amazing how fast a landscape can be planted when people work together.  It was also amazing how little rain actually penetrated the ground. As they started digging, about 1/4 of an inch was damp, and the soil beneath was bone dry.  A few started with shovels and moved to a pick to penetrate the soil, rocks and roots.

landscape construction workshop garv aug18.14.15 landscape construction workshop garv aug18.14.17 landscape construction workshop garv aug18.14.22A comment was made about the great volunteer labor, when in reality they PAID to help us plant!!  I think we should have this workshop at my house next time and I could get a project quickly completed!!LOL.

The group even tackled planting the larger variegated dogwood.  We offered to let the crew plant it, but they insisted on doing it. What I have learned from past classes is they really take ownership in their project and will come back to visit to see how it grows. I think they did an outstanding job.

landscape construction sherre.aug18 (14) landscape construction workshop garv aug18.14.27Then Sherre came and got a group photo of our crew next to their finished project.

landscape construction sherre.aug18 (18) landscape construction workshop garv aug18.14.32Then it was back inside to eat lunch and finish with Bob’s presentation on energy-wise landscaping and the final plan review.  Many have suggested we offer this class multiple times a year–but it is pretty time consuming.  I also have several in the class who want to take it again the next time we offer it, which will be in 2 years.

Bob and I had time to make a quick run through the gardens to see how things were going.  The plum leaf azalea was in full bloom and the summer color is still looking great.

garvan gardens aug18.14.04 impatiens garv aug18.14.2 plum leaf azalea aug 18.142I drove home in a light rain and the skies look promising now at home, but so far I have had a whopping .09 inches!

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