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A good holiday weekend, in spite of NO rain

September 1, 2014

All weekend I got emails from people reporting their rain levels, but mine stays at a zero!  I have watered all weekend, and the yard looks good in most areas, but the sprinkler had to supplement the sprinkler system.  I did get quite a bit of yard work done this morning.  I got the yard weed-eated and edged–I even used the weedeater to deadhead some basil in my vegetable gardens-it made for a quick job!  I hand-weeded several beds including the vegetable garden. In one raised bed, I actually uprooted a pepper plant pulling up a zoysia runner that had invaded.  I planted the broccoli transplants, fertilized all annuals and vegetables and cut back many spent perennials, including the sneezeweed.

deadheading perennials sept.1.14.

I also deadheaded my paniculata hydrangea. I didn’t remove all the old blooms, but they were flopping on to all the surrounding plants, so I lightened the load.

hydrangea pruning sept1.14.3I found another tree frog in one of the spent hydrangea blooms, so I artfully placed them around the front bed to let them dry in place, and maybe give a home to tree frogs.

hydrangea pruning sept1.14.2As I was weed-eating, I found my nemesis tomato hornworm had actually escaped from the top of the fence where I left him. Think about the heroic effort it would have taken. He was probably the equivalent of a 600 pound person, and he made it down from a 5 foot height and had moved an additional 15 feet into some grass and weeds. I couldn’t out and out kill him, so I threw him over to the road–hoping a bird might find him.  He is tenacious.

hornworm escaped sept1.14Although the temperatures were milder today, I was pretty soaked through in a couple of hours. I got changed and we went to my Dad’s to help him with some stuff and to swim. Swimming felt great!  In cleaning out the skimmers we found several dead cicadas.  Have you heard them singing at night?

cicada sept1.141 cicada sept1.142They are some scary looking creatures!  It is also amazing how many leaves and pine needles are falling already.  As soon as we thought they were cleaned up, more were taking their place.  We spent an hour in the pool before heading home to get more things accomplished.   A friend sent me these vegetable art pictures. Maybe children would eat more vegetables if they looked like this:

broccoli dog ladybug canapesI think I may have to make these ladybug canapes!  It was a good holiday weekend, and now it is back to work. Here are your mystery plant challenges for the week:

Mystery plant A – is an annual most years, but can be perennial in a mild winter.mystery plant a.sep1.14Mystery plant b –KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThese perennials are blooming in my garden now.

Mystery plant  c- is an annual vine.mystery plant c sept.1.14.Good luck!

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  1. Carolyn Turner permalink
    September 2, 2014 9:38 am

    I think B is 4 O’Clocks.


  2. Leslie McAlexander permalink
    September 2, 2014 12:04 pm

    A: A cordyline; B: Four O’Clocks; C: Hyacinth Bean.

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