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The Learning Fields

September 6, 2014

Yesterday I went from meeting to meeting and then drove to Ft. Smith so I could be there early this morning for a pollinators field day at the Learning Fields at Ft. Chaffee right outside of Ft. Smith. They had a full line up today and do another series next Saturday. It starts at 9 and goes until 3 next week as well.

As I awoke this morning, it was overcast and a bright red sunrise–you know the saying “Red sky at night… and red sky at morn, sailor’s be warned” and the forecast was not promising.
sunrise sept5.14
It rained all the way to the Learning Fields, but the Master Gardeners were there in force setting up and getting stations ready. This is probably the largest Master Gardener project in the state. The MG’s started with a bare patch of land, and each year, it gets bigger and better.
learning field sept5 (4)

learning fields sept5.
It was only a light rain as they started at 9 with introductions, and county agent Lance introduced the mayor who pronounced Sept Pollinator month in Ft. Smith. He sang the praises of the MG’s and the work they do in Sebastian County.
learning field sept5 (11)

learning field sept5 (12)
Then there was time to explore the gardens for a bit until I spoke at 10.
They had face painting, childrens crafts, a butterfly book from our own Washington Co. MG’s, and educational displays throughout the gardens.
butterfly book joyce and gail.sep5.14

learning field display sept5.14

learning field sept5 (2)

learning field sept5 (5)

learning field sept5 (9)

The gardens were in great shape with many edibles along with ornamentals, and ideas for home gardeners with any interest, from vegetable gardens, herb gardens, roses, fruits, butterfly gardens, native plants, bog gardens and children’s gardens. It is an amazing place to visit.
espaliered apple tree sept5.14.

learning field sept5 (7)

learning field sept5 (13)

luffa gourds sept 5.14

southern peas sept5.14

We had a good turnout for my talk and by the time it was finished, so was the rain. The sun was coming out and the skies were getting clear. I hope it lasted for the rest of their day. I had no rain driving home, nor did we get much overnight in LR either.
animal protection garden sept5.14

learning field sept5 (1)

sedum spectabilis sept5.14.

If you missed todays events, plan to go next Saturday. Our bee specialist Jon Zawislak is the featured speaker next Saturday, and they will have many exhibits and educational opportunities for you.

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  1. Deborah Keene permalink
    September 6, 2014 7:51 pm


  2. mary smith permalink
    September 7, 2014 7:24 am

    Hi Janet, Thank you for sharing the Learning Fields with everyone. We surely enjoyed visiting with you and your talk. You took wonderful pictures and one was of a cage in the vegetable garden. I thought I might explain it. It is to keep the deer and rabbits out of newly planted vegetables so that the plants have a chance to grow. We really have a problem with deer, rabbits, field mice, etc. See you soon. Mary Smith

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