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A gorgeous Sunday!

September 7, 2014

This morning we had a hint of fall weather to come. It was cool, with low humidity, and although it warmed up a bit late in the day, it was a beautiful day. After church, I had a chance to get some vegetables picked, a few weeds pulled and a little clean up, but I also watered. I also cleaned house, did laundry and groceries, so it was a full day. When you have to put it all in one day, there is not as much free yard time.

Here are the answers to last weeks mystery challenge and this weeks quiz. Good luck.

Last week:
Mystery plant A – mystery plant a.sep1.14 is a plant called Cordyline ‘Pink Stripes’. Cordyline is a group of plants that gives you a spiky foliaged plant all season long. I have had one overwinter in a mild season, but that is not to be expected. There are varieties in pink, red, white and green.

Mystery plant B KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA is an old-fashioned perennial called 4 o’clocks– Mirabilis jalapa (mi-RAB-il-is ha-LA-pa) is also commonly called Marvel of Peru. This plant is a perennial in central and south Arkansas. The plant forms potato-like tuberous roots and also reseed themselves. The flowers open in late afternoon to early evening and are fragrant at night, attracting night pollinators.

Mystery plant C mystery plant c sept.1.14. is the hyacinth bean – Lablab purpurea. This annual vine had a tough time of it this season. It likes hot weather, so it was slow to grow until recently. It normally produces a dense vine covered in pinkish purple blooms (there is also a white flowered form). In addition to the showy flowers, the magenta seed pods are quite dramatic.

New Plants:
Mystery plant A – is an annual vine mystery plants sept 2014.14

mystery plants sept 2014.15

Mystery plant B is an annual =mystery plants sept 2014.12

mystery plants sept 2014.13

Mystery plant C is a wildflower mystery plant sept8.14

Good luck–those of you at the Learning Fields–these are all from the gardens yesterday!

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