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Rain at last!

September 11, 2014

Rain! It was raining when I woke up, and we had a nice, slow, steady rain for a good portion of the day. It was just what the doctor ordered! Not a torrential downpour that would run off, but a nice, gentle rain that could be absorbed into the soil. Not only did we get almost an inch of rain (I would have guessed more), but the temperatures dropped considerably. It was delightful outside, and should continue all weekend.

Today was the fall seminar of the Green Industry out at River Valley Nursery. green industry fall class sept11.141 I was invited to attend and stay for a smaller committee meeting after the seminar by the board. They had a good attendance of folks from across the state. We heard talks from the State Plant Board–Paul Shell on the crape myrtle scale and emerald ash borer, Ball Horticulture spoke on new trends and new plants, and Sherrie Smith covered tree and lawn diseases. green industry fall class sept11.142 A great lunch was cooked by David Culberson. It was a great session.

After the main event, a smaller group of us met to discuss the possibilities of re-enacting a program similar to Arkansas Select. This was a program we had several years ago to highlight new or underused plants that performed well throughout the state. We discussed the pros and cons and how to get started again. We need to get buy-in from nurseries so that they have the plants we promote. We have some good strategies to test the waters, so I will keep you posted.

The rain had stopped by the time we were done, so I had to make a quick run through the nursery to see what they had. They have huge, glorious mums and lots of fall cabbage and kale. I bought two dinosaur kale plants and a couple of parsley plants. I have quite a few plants already waiting to plant, so I had to temper myself.

I got home tonight and used up the last of the pizza dough I made over the weekend. I make small dough balls so everyone can have their own choices. Clay likes meat and cheese, and I did olive oil, asparagus, feta, tomatoes, peppers and herbs. It was divine!
pizza sept114

pizza sept111

Tomorrow morning I meet with County 76 to try to wrap up planning on fall PNG- leadership, and then I head to NE Arkansas. The Izard County Master Gardeners have an event – Dreamin’ of Next Year’s Garden Seminar held in Horseshoe Bend. For more information call Phyllis at (870)670-4699. I will be speaking on how to landscape when you have deer problems. Come join us. Get outside and enjoy this fall like weather.

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