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Dreamin’ of next year and friends

September 13, 2014

I wish I could say I knew all 3000 plus Master Gardeners in the state by name, but alas, that is not true. I recognize most and I also personally know many that I also consider dear friends. Phyllis and Steve Smith from Izard county rank up there as friends.phyllis and steve smith sept13.14. They do a lot for Izard county and are just really nice people! I had a delightful time with them at their home last night and they are just gracious folks.

I was equally impressed by what a cohesive group the Izard County Master Gardeners have become. They worked together like a well oiled machine today with an outstanding program. They had tons of food for breakfast and breaks, handouts and booths, door prizes and raffle items. They put together a class act, and I am impressed. We arrived early this morning and there were many of the host group waiting for the doors to open to be ready for the arrival of the public. izard county event sept 13.14 (15) It was delightfully chilly outside, and the day just got better, with clear skies and cool temps. Fall has arrived.

We had great attendance from as far south as Hot Springs.
izard county event sept 13.14 (17)

izard county event sept 13.14 (19)

izard county event sept 13.14 (22)

izard county event sept 13.14 (23)

izard county event sept 13.14 (25) They should be quite proud of themselves.

I made it home by late afternoon and the house was clean and dinner was cooking. We had friends over for dinner, and I just came along and enjoyed. Clay and Katie had it all ready. The dinner was an amazing barbeque brisket with fixings. A good time was had by all.
dinner with friends sept13.14 (2)

dinner with friends sept13.14 (3)

Tomorrow will be more celebrations and fun with family. My Dad turns 81! A big weekend.

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