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Happy Birthday Dad!

September 14, 2014

Today was a gorgeous day to celebrate my father’s 81st birthday. My sister drove in from Dallas and we all went out to eat Mexican food for dinner. The restaurant turned out en masse to serenade him. It was a fine meal with a great family.
dads 81 birthday sept14.14.01

dads 81 birthday sept14.14.08

dads 81 birthday sept14.14.09
We have always been fortunate to live near my parents, so we have been lucky to be able to see them weekly. My kids only had one set of grandparents from the beginning, so they loved spending time with them. Mom passed away in 2006 and we still miss her. My sister lives a short day drive away and has also been around a great deal. This time work prevented her kids from coming, but the sense of family has always been important in our lives, and today was a great way to spend it with a great father! It is the first time we have all gone out together in a while, and we were quite thankful that he felt up to going out! After dinner we went back to his house to open presents and visit, and of course, take more pictures!
dads 81 birthday sept14.14.13

dads 81 birthday sept14.14.14
Happy Birthday Dad!

It did warm up a bit today, and I did do a little watering of my containers and vegetables. I pulled some weeds and harvested all the sesame seeds today. Now they need to dry before I get the pods open.
sesame seed harvest sept14.14.1

sesame seed harvest sept14.14.4

I also found an interesting bug in my pineapple sage. He doesn’t seem to be eating anything, but not sure what he is. Hopefully John Hopkins can tell me tomorrow.
pineapple sage with bug sept.14.143
I love the cool weather. We slept with the windows open last night and it was delightful! Let’s hope the cool weather stays, but I could use a little more rain.

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