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September 19, 2014

P1030053P1030051I am having some issues with the blog app on the iPad, so I hope this and the pictures come through today.  I will have to do a recap blog tomorrow when I get to my computer, because the photos are not wanting to load!!

I drove up to Fayetteville this morning and had a meeting on campus. Parking was horrendous since there was even more traffic trying to get ready for the football game tomorrow. I met at the poultry science center, which is quite nice.

Then after lunch I stopped in at Westwood Gardens to see what fall plants they have. They have an outstanding pumpkin display and some great fall color choices.

Then I went to the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks.  These gardens get better each time I come and I took loads of pictures. Then I had the pleasure of staying with my good friends Elaine and Spencer and seeing their new house. A beautiful home and gardens. It was great getting to visit with them and catch up.  I will repost tomorrow and share pictures then.

Tomorrow morning I speak at the flower and nature society meeting at the NW Technical Institute at 9:30, then I will head home.

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