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A busy day in the garden

September 23, 2014

What a glorious day and boy am I exhausted! It was a full day of yard work preceded by a little clean up in the home office. I was outside by 9:15 and stopped only for a quick bite of lunch before I was back at it until 3:30. I am pooped, but I put a big dent in the yard work I had planned. I started out weedeating and edging the whole yard. Then I added another level to my original raised bed. This is my original bed that I put it four years ago. There is not much soil underneath it and it dries out quickly, so I added another level. It was sort of like doing Lincoln logs. I had clips that the boards went into. Then I lined the inside with a bit of cardboard to prevent the soil from leaking out. raised bed planters sept23.14.02

raised bed planters sept23.14.03

I did have some help. My son came over mid morning and helped tote the bags of mulch and soil. They get heavy. I know it is cheaper to buy soil and mulch in bulk, but that means either delivery or having a truck–and I don’t have one. It also is more work to shovel and haul the stuff, so I spent a bit more but it made the job quicker and easier, as long as Kyle is around to move it. He put the bags in the beds, and I cut the bags and mixed and spread. raised bed planters sept23.14.05

raised bed planters sept23.14.07raised bed planters sept23.14.09

raised bed planters sept23.14.08
We also harvested a bunch of peppers and tomatoes and pulled out some of the tomatoes and pepper plants from the front bed. They were looking a bit bedraggled.tomato and pepper harvest sept23.14.1
After lunch, I spent the time planting. I planted lettuce, onions, cauliflower, kale, spinach and Swiss chard in the beds. I planted two blueberries and a raspberry I have been growing in pots. I also planted a purple mustard and a viola in the front beds, and put out the pumpkins and planted a fall planter. Then I watered it all.
raised bed planters sept23.14.19

raised bed planters sept23.14.21

fall planting sept23.14.1

I also spread mulch and have only 6 bags left to do tomorrow–not near enough. I am putting cardboard underneath it all before I put the mulch down. This definitely keeps the weeds in check longer. I also did a severe cut on the garlic chives to prevent the seeds from maturing. If you walked out into the garage even an hour after I did it, there was an overwhelming smell of garlic!

Tomorrow I have a bit more to do, but will take it a bit easier than today! I should sleep well tonight.

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