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September 30, 2014

Today was another fall MG training, this time in Miller County. The Red Dirt MG program has a large class of new trainees with a lot of questions. MG training miller co sept2014.1

MG training miller co sept2014.4The members provided a great spread of food all day for the trainees and the trainers! Look at these clever “pumpkins” P1030315 It felt like old home week going back to Texarkana. I miss my monthly trips to plan the state conference and it was nice to visit with so many of them again. We were also able to give kudos to Andrea Thomas who is one of their very own MG’s who had the cover photo for the 2015 MG Calendar. Great day a garvan 2014.04

They hold their training at a local episcopal church which has a very nice facility and great gardens. The Mexican petunia (Ruellia) was absolutely stunning and quite large mexican petunia ruellia tex.20144

mexican petunia ruellia tex.20145 and I have never seen as many berries as they had on the Indian hawthorne indian hawthorne texarkana 2014.2. Their rosemary was huge and obviously undaunted by last winter and was really blooming nicely. rosemary texarkana 2014.1

In the beds surrounding the church I found the most intense case of crape myrtle scale I have yet to see. One tree was virtually covered with the scale and the felt-like coating. crape myrtle scale texarkana sept2014.1

crape myrtle scale texarkana sept2014.2

crape myrtle scale texarkana sept2014.3 Several others were just beginning to get attacked. The black sooty mold which is produced as a by-product on the sticky honeydew was thick on the foliage, and the honeydew was attracting quite a few wasps to the trees. They need to do something soon, or the trees may be lost. Systemic insecticides are still the best method of defense. Obviously these trees have been infested for some time.

Tonight after dinner we watched the final cut of the Scotland video that Clay put together. It is another outstanding video–he really does an amazing job. i. drummond castle18I think all will be well pleased with it. It gives you a real sense of what we did, and it made me want to go back. Scotland was an amazing place. Our Scotland reunion is fast approaching–we get together a week from Sunday.

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