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Plant, Nurture, Grow final day of MG Leadership

October 7, 2014

It was a late night last night, so I decided to speed things up this morning. I was up at 6 a.m. and tried to get in the shower but found I had no hot water! I reported it, but never did get hot water, so had to make do with what I had. I got downstairs and found out we had a snafu on one of our breakout rooms, then we didn’t have the topics for the table discussions, so it was a bit of a make it up as they come type of morning, but all’s well that ends well and it was a great last day. We had excellent discussions this morning at their breakfast tables–first talking about projects–and how they handled them, then the topic papers, once they arrived.
mg png leadership 2014 (30)

mg png leadership 2014 (31) It is a wonderful opportunity for counties to share what they do with each other. Don’t we all learn best by the experiences of others? There was a lot of sharing and learning going on both at breakfast and again at lunch, where they had assigned seats.

I spoke this morning to the group about the changes in sales tax issues and plant sales, and we had a good–and POSITIVE interchange. I think everyone is now on the same page. I just wish that instead of 36 counties in attendance, I would have had 65!
Then we had a break for folks to check out and get ready for two concurrent sessions. We had topics covering a wide range of subjects from positive attitudes are contagious, to mentoring and retention, Facebook, how to conduct an award winning project, and more. mg png leadership 2014 (32) Sales continued from the County 76 booth with the famous Rogue hoes, to gloves and calendars, and then it was time for lunch, where we had more discussions.

As folks headed home, we began the process of deconstruction! I never can quite grasp how I have as much or more to take back as I brought. As I headed outdoors with my luggage and stuff, I was amazed that summer was back–it was hot and humid. Where did the fabulous cool, fall weather go? When I got there Sunday afternoon it was delightful, but I was sweltering loading my car.

Julie and I unloaded back at the office and then headed home. I changed out of my SWEATER into a t-shirt and changed vehicles and headed to Sams with the kids. I finally made it home a little after 5 and was pooped. I have not done much except water–everything is dry in spite of the bit of rain we had. I had turned the sprinkler system off, but it is back on.

Tomorrow morning I head out early to Garvan to tape the monthly TV spots.

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