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Garden Expo Garland County

October 11, 2014

We went to sleep with rain and woke up to drizzly stuff. All told, I have received 2 inches of rain in the past two days and I am thankful. The rain also brought with it much cooler temperatures. It did not get much above 61 degrees today and felt much more fall-like. It was a great day to be inside, which is where many gardeners were at the 2nd (and highly expanded) Garland County Garden Expo. garland co garden expo 14.10 Put on by the Garland County Master Gardeners, the church gymnasium was packed to the rafters with educational exhibits. garland co garden expo 14.22 They had a few vendors selling plants, baked goods and of course, our own County 76 selling garden and MG gear. Thank you Marcella! She had a booming business. garland co garden expo 14.04
The MGs covered all bases when it came to gardening information. You could learn about orchids,garland co garden expo 14.15
hostas, garland co garden expo 14.07garden art, garland co garden expo 14.20vermicomposting, garland co garden expo 14.13rain barrels, garland co garden expo 14.08vegetable gardening, herbs and their uses, ornamental grasses and composting. In addition the Extension Homemakers were there to talk canninggarland co garden expo 14.06, Garvan Gardens and the Garland County library was there to showcase what they offer, and I was there to answer questions and get folks interested in signing up to be a MG. We had a lot of interest and several took applications with 2 filling them out and turning them in on the spot! garland co garden expo 14.02 They had goody bags for the first 100 that were homemade out of fabric with loads of stuff–they were gone in a flash. garland co garden expo 14.03 Over 300 people attended. There were slightly used garden books and magazines to take for free, and copies of fact sheets, soil boxes and MG applications.
A demonstration on pumpkin decorating set the record straight. Bob and I were slightly misinformed on how they made these beautiful pumpkins. garland co garden expo 14.21 We were under the impression you cut the top and planted them with these succulents. I didn’t think it was a great idea, since I had used one for a flower arrangement once and it imploded quickly making a mess on my table, even though I did line it with melted wax. Instead, you leave the pumpkin intact, but put some sphagnum moss at the top and using a glue gun glue the stems of the succulents and other items on the top. Quite pretty and should last much longer than a cut pumpkin.
Already one of mine is gone–it was like the wicked witch of the west “I’m melting!” pumpkin melting oct4.14

Another demonstration was on propagation. Using 2 terra-cotta pots, with a covering over the drain hole in the larger one and a plug (cork) in the drainage hole in the smaller one, Marilyn lined the large one in builders sand, then put the second pot inside. You can put your cuttings in the sand around the pot and then fill the smaller pot with water. The water slowly permeates the clay pot to keep the sand moist and the plants root quickly. garland co garden expo 14.23

garland co garden expo 14.24

garland co garden expo 14.27 Quite clever!!

Then it was a nice drive home in misty rain to do a little cooking with a friend for a friend. I also worked on getting in supplies for the party tomorrow and made a food delivery. Tomorrow is the Scotland reunion. Can’t wait to reconnect with all our travelers!

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  1. Susan Schmidt permalink
    October 12, 2014 11:44 am

    Greetings Janet, Just want to thank you and all the workers for a wonderful morning spent at your expo! It was a treat to meet you after following you the last three years on-line. I’m the lady recently relocated from Wisconsin that asked you about growing basil in Arkansas. There was lots of great information to be had and such nice people presenting it. Thrilled to find some old issues of Arkansas Gardener as I only became a subscriber a year ago. We had a delightful time and will definitely return next year. We each had a most delicious lemon cookie on our way out, the “treats” table was impressive to say the least. Your bakers did a wonderful job presenting their labors. Opened my gift bag when I got home and was delighted to see two varieties of basil I have not tried yet. Spring can’t come soon enough, ha ha. Being an avid gardener for forty years made this the “place to be” for me yesterday. Again, a big thank you to you and everyone that worked so hard to make it a success. Sincerely, Susan Schmidt P.S. Just a thought, a donation bowl at the entry table would certainly be justified, if allowed.


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