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Catching Up

October 15, 2014

My schedule has been a bit busy the past few days and I did not blog. Hasn’t the weather been glorious?! I think it is always amazing after a hard rain how clean and clear everything seems. I have had almost 6 inches of rain in the past week, so my plants are happy. I have been a bit occupied with other events and didn’t check the okra and I had some whoppers! red okra oct15.14.5 I must have had one green seed in the midst of the red ones, and I have more okra than I can use with more coming on. And to think I thought an August planting would be too late to produce!
I was in Fayetteville yesterday to teach a class on the UA driving oct 14.1

driving oct 14.2campus and the fall color is beginning to turn. Sweetgums, red maples and the sumac are turning brilliant shades of red. The sky had some great puffy clouds and coupled with the blue sky made it a beautiful drive. In another week or two the fall color should be amazing.
I left campus and drove to Eureka Springs to meet with the Carroll county MGs to start planning the 2016 MG conference. They had a good turnout and we chose our chairpeople–Mary and Karen. They will do a very good job leading a great group of volunteers. Carroll county mg planning.oct14.1

Carroll county mg planning.oct14.3

Carroll county mg planning.oct14.4\
As I was staying with Mary and Richard, the president Tammy and co-chair Karen followed us home after the meeting to do some strategic planning and set some more dates. We finished about 10:45 pm. After an outstanding breakfast I was on the road by 7:30 to head back to LR driving oct 14.5to do Pulaski County MG training all afternoon. In spite of the Saturday training in Pulaski county with 38 Pulaski County trainees, they also had 37 today. They now have a great new crop of volunteers. mg training pulaski oct.14.1

mg training pulaski oct.14.3

Tomorrow I head to Warren to train the MG of the Delta group. October is a busy month.

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