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The road to home and birthday

October 24, 2014

Today was a gorgeous day for a drive. As we were leaving town we decided to stop and have Beignets at the local favorite Coffee Call. I normally make beignets for my daughter Katie’s birthday breakfast, so since today was her birthday, I ate them in her honor–instead of cooking them! P1030876

P1030877 Julie had never had beignets so it was another treat for her. Then it was an easy drive home, and we easily fit everything in the car.

Today is Katie’s 26th birthday. My how she has grown! P1030879

Happy Birthday Katie! It is a joy to be your mother.

I made it home in plenty of time to open presents and we just returned from a nice dinner out. I did take time to check the gardens and things look good. A few pots on the deck were a tad dry, but overall, the plants are coming on nicely.

We had a wonderful conference, and thanks to Baton Rouge Master Gardeners for all the work they put in making a great conference for those of us who attended. We connected with a lot of Master Gardeners, and saw new plants, learned new information–like banana juice for attracting butterflies–10 over-ripe bananas, 1 pound of brown sugar and a tall can of dark beer (Guinness). Blend and allow head room for fermentation purposes, then put out for the butterflies!

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