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A cool Sunday

November 2, 2014

We did break down and turn on the heat this morning, but we all sneezed for awhile afterwards with the burning off of the dust that accumulates. It was pretty nippy inside as well as outside when we woke up, but still not frost here–it was only 39 when I got up–the same as it was when I went to bed.

After church we ran by the Pulaski Co. MG greenhouse and picked up some violas and kale–my friend got me in. I also took a picture of the mystery plant for today. They still had some tuberous begonias going strong from springtuberose begonia nov2 (2)–I have two that are still thriving outdoors as well–this is the only year I have ever had any that lasted past June!tuberose begonia and euphorbia sept17.142

I did not have time to garden, but did clean house and put up all the Halloween decorations. I have to get down the Thanksgiving things next!
This afternoon, I went to a party out at one of the pavilions at Pinnacle State Park, which I didn’t even know existed. It was very nice.
pinnacle pavilion (1)

pinnacle pavilion (2)

Look at this old dead stump which is now Mother Nature’s container! mother natures vase
Then tonight we went to dinner at a friend’s house, which was great food and friends. It has been a full weekend.

Here are your mystery plant challenges for the week:

Mystery plant A – mystery plant nov.14 (2)

mystery plant nov.14 (3) is a native deciduous shrub

Mystery plant B – mystery plant nov3 (2)

mystery plant nov3 (1) is a deciduous tree.

Mystery plant C – mystery plant c.nov.14.3

mystery plant c.nov.14.1 is a perennial.

Good Luck!

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