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Winter has arrived

November 12, 2014

Albeit a bit early, winter seems to be here. I did not have a killing frost this morning. The temperature was 32 degrees at 6:30 a.m. but no frost and all my remaining summer annuals and moderate vegetables made it through unscathed. I am not expecting similar results tomorrow. I am tempting fate and leaving the remaining summer annuals, but I did pull 2/3 of my lettuce
lettuce harvest nov12.14 and I covered 1/2 of the remaining crop to see what will happen.
winter protection nov12.14.2 I triple layered the row cover material and the crops have a good inch or two below the top of the bed, so we will see what happens. I think the chard, kale, spinach and cole crops should fare fine. I wonder about the onions and few reseeded potatoes, but time will tell. The prediction is anywhere from 24-28 degrees, and the words being bandied about are arctic outbreak, arctic blast and polar express are all being used to predict the coming cold. How cold it gets and how long it stays will determine what happens. Tender plants that are remaining are probably toast, but even moderate perennials should be able to sustain themselves through the first cold snap. Once it is over, cut back the dead top growth, add extra mulch and hope for the best.

I drove to Hot Springs this morning to tape TV at Garvan Gardens. It was definitely nippy, especially driving around on golf carts, but it was stunningly beautiful. The Japanese maples and additional fall color coupled with blue skies and bright sun made a great show.
japanese maples garvan.nov12.14.11

japanese maples garvan.nov12.14.09

japanese maples garvan.nov12.14.06

japanese maples garvan.nov12.14.05

japanese maples garvan.nov12.14.02

fall garvan nov12.`4.16

fall garvan nov12.`4.15

fall garvan nov12.`4.11
In addition to Japanese maples, the blackgums at our office are amazing in shades of red
blackgum nov7.14 (2)

blackgum nov7.14 (5) They are even prettier today than when I took this photo.
Then the ginkgo with its yellow fall color gingko nov 7 (2)

gingko nov12.14.2 and the variety of color on the red maples is maples nov 7.14 (5)

red maples nov 7.14 (4)

red maples nov 7.14 (3)

red maples nov 7.14 (2)

red maples nov 7.14 (1)
Trees aren’t the only ones putting on a fall show, the clethra has great yellow fall colorclethra fall color.nov11.14, and itea is turning brilliant shades of reditea fall color nov11.14.01 along with my blueberries blueberries fall color.nov11.14..
If you have not taken a fall foliage drive, don’t delay-the cold weather and heavy winds will not keep these leaves around for too much longer. Stay warm!

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