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Saline county and birthday party

November 15, 2014

This morning I was the speaker at the Saline co MG monthly meeting. They had a great turnout in spite of the cold weather and a very productive meeting. saline county meeting nov15.14.02

saline county meeting nov15.14.03 Afterwards I met with one of the state conference committees to look at some of the ideas they have for hands on projects during the state conference. They have come up with some clever and unique ideas for MGs to make and take, plus an idea table with how-to information for more elaborate projects they can do once they go home.
saline county meeting nov15.14.05

saline county meeting nov15.14.07saline county meeting nov15.14.09
After the meeting they had two work days at projects. One was at the senior center where they meet for free. They cleaned up, raked and it was looking good when I left. saline county meeting nov15.14.12

saline county meeting nov15.14.13

saline county meeting nov15.14.16 The other project was at the Avilla community garden. They were doing clean-up, and sowing some cover crops and a little watering. They have many of the modified high tunnels or hoop houses to protect their fall gardens as well.

Then tonight was a joint supper club birthday party for 4 of our group who have birthdays within a few weeks of each other. We celebrated Margaret, Clay, Martin and Aurian, in that order. Margaret was 60, Clay 55, Martin 75 and Aurian 67. Many friends turned out with great food and drink and it was a fun night.
birthday party.nov14.02

birthday party.nov14.05

birthday party.nov14.08

birthday party.nov14.11

birthday party.nov14.13

birthday party.nov14.14
Now that the birthday celebrations are over, we can turn out sites to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

It continues to get colder and colder! Pay attention to the weather and bundle up when you go outside!

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