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December 4, 2014

We are into the last month of the year, so it is the time to begin working on end of year reports. We also are trying to set many dates for the new year and wrap up projects. It is a busy time. Julie and I took our good friend Donna Rinke to lunch today to say thanks for all she has done for us personally and for the MG program. Donna is retiring this month and I missed her retirement party yesterday. She has one more week officially to work. We will definitely miss all her expertise and guidance. She is considering joining the Saline Co Master Gardeners, which would be wonderful for all of us!!

Then this evening was a very productive meeting with the Saline County steering committee planning the state conference. We are getting down to the wire on this event, with registration opening up Feb.2. We are close to finalizing all details, prices, etc. Julie Kerr even fixed us all a nice dinner, which was good since our meeting lasted a bit longer than normal. We also have to thank our fabulous county agent for giving up his Farm Bureau dinner to come meet with us. We have such dedicated staff and volunteers, that it makes coming to work a joy! Saline county planning dec.14.2

Saline county planning dec.14.3

Saline county planning dec.14.5

I got more poinsettias I had ordered delivered to the office today. I now have two reds, a pink and white and a red and white speckled variety. poinsettia dec4.14.3poinsettia dec4.14.2My amaryllis is also beginning to show color, so I should have an open bloom in no time. amaryllis bulb dec4.142
By adding holiday plants to the mix of decorations, you will have something to enjoy long after the holidays are over.

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