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A beautiful Saturday

December 6, 2014

Today was a welcome relief from the past few dreary wet days. The sun was shining and if you were in the sun, it was quite nice out. I ran a lot of errands this morning, then went to the Arkansas Craft Show Christmas Showcase at the Statehouse Convention Center with my friend. They had a lot of jewelry, pottery, soaps, baskets, wood furniture and crafts, as well as paintings and some glass. It is an annual event and one worth going to see. It is open tomorrow from 10- 4 and is well worth the trip. ark craft show.

ark craft showcase

ark craft
Afterwards I went to the gym with my daughter, got some stuff done around the house and then got ready for the annual Turney party in Faulkner County. They always have great food and friends, along with a huge fire outdoors and then topped off with fireworks. I guess you never get too old to enjoy them. turney party.2014.3turney party.2014.5

Yesterday at the grocery store we had something new in the produce section. They had created their own cranberry bog and had the fresh cranberries floating in water complete with a scoop to scoop out what you wanted to buy. Of course, I had to do it and bought a bag full! I have always wanted to see a fresh cranberry bog, so can I now say I have?!
fresh cranberries.20141

fresh cranberries.20142

Here are the answers to your mystery plant challenges:
Mystery plant A – mystery plant A - dec 1.2014 is Abies delavayi or Chinese Fir. We found this tree in Scotland and were all enamored with the blue cones. Native to India and rated for zone 7, it supposedly would survive here, but it prefers a very wet climate, with cool summers and cold winters, so I would be surprised if it would thrive in Arkansas.

Mystery plant Bmystery plant b dec1.2014. is a new tropical plant for the US with long pink hanging flower sprays with canopies of large leaves that is supposedly going to take the plant world by storm. Medinilla (med-in-NIL-uh)magnifica (mag-NIH-fee-kuh)commonly known as Philippine Orchid or Rose Grape. I have never seen it in the US. I took this picture at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. It was a stunning plant.

Mystery Plant C – mystery plant c dec1.2014 is Allium cernum or Nodding Onion. Nodding wild onion (cernuum in Latin means nodding) is a Missouri native plant which occurs primarily in rocky soils on , bluff edges, open woods and slopes in the Ozark region of the State. Plants typically grow 12-18 inches tall. Features clumps of flat, narrow, grass-like leaves and tiny bell-shaped, pink to lilac pink flowers which appear in loose, nodding clusters rising slightly above the foliage.

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