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Hustle and bustle and vegetable gardening

December 19, 2014

My post yesterday generated a lot of questions and comments on vegetables. It even transcended to holiday shopping. I was out and about early and late trying to finish up, and talked gardening at Sam’s, Kroger and Dillards! Several have asked if they can still plant a vegetable garden now. The answer is you are either a bit too late or early, depending on your perspective. Fall gardens need to be planted starting in July and August, but for sure plants need to be in the ground by late October or early November. You have to give them a chance to get a root system in place before low temperatures hit. To begin planting in late winter, probably the earliest is late January, again depending on the weather. English peas and snow peas are the first thing we can plant, but if it is a mild winter, we can really get planting by February. Last year was a late spring, and many gardeners were still planting cool season crops in early April, so it does depend on the weather.

I have a lot in my gardens right now, and so far the weather has worked well. I have 3 kinds of kale,veg garden dec19.14 (10)

veg garden dec19.14 (6) 2 varieties of spinachveg garden dec19.14 (1), 4 varieties of lettuce,veg garden dec19.14 (8) broccoliveg garden dec19.14 (4), Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bok choyveg garden dec19.14 (3), onions, Swiss chard and arugula. Even with the bitterly cold weather we had in November, everything came through in good shape except the Swiss chard, which is bouncing back, and I only covered one section of lettuce–the rest was totally exposed. I did lose one cauliflower plant, but I actually have baby cauliflowers forming nowveg garden dec19.14 (7).

Last year was a struggle getting vegetables to overwinter, but the year before was mild, and I had plenty of things out in the open. I also have gorgeous purple mustard growing in the ornamental beds, and planted with lettuce in pots. I am also using the dinosaur kale as an ornamental edible. I really like the color as an ornamental and the taste when eating!holiday decor dec.144 So if you don’t have a winter vegetable garden, start planning one for next year. And if you don’t have a stand alone vegetable garden, consider edible landscaping, just make sure that as you are harvesting you pick leaves judiciously so it isn’t all that noticeable.

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