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Winter is back!

January 4, 2015

I awoke this morning to a hint of sunshine and 41 degrees. hyacinth jan4.`5. It was a promising day. I made a breakfast casserole for my Sunday School class and a smaller one for home and Dad’s last night, so had those cooking this morning before church. breakfast casserole jan4.15. I left, not having listened to the weather and was expecting a warm up from 41, so wore a light jacket. When I came out of church the temperature had dropped to 33 and the wind was whipping.
I came home and looked at the forecast and saw 23 tonight, and 18 or less by Wednesday night! Winter is back. I decided to do some harvesting. I had some lovely broccoli and two tiny cauliflowers–but two cauliflower plants didn’t make it through the cold in November, so I harvested those. I also took two more bok choy’s and several lettuce plants. veg garden protection jan4.15 (5)I am leaving one bok choy and a few more lettuce, the kale, Swiss chard, onions, arugula and spinach–some more exposed and some covered, so I will judge the outcome on Thursday. I covered one small section of lettuce and Brussels sprouts with row cover and added leaves to the other beds, so time will tell. veg garden protection jan4.15 (1)

veg garden protection jan4.15 (6)

veg garden protection jan4.15 (8)

veg garden protection jan4.15 (11) I am hoping the kale and spinach are tough enough to make it through, along with the mustard and Swiss chard. One saving grace was the nice rainfall this week which should have the plants fully saturated and hopefully able to survive.

We did our Sunday bowling routine again today, and once again, the lanes were packed. Cold weather makes bowling definitely more popular. I started off pretty weak–with a 99, then a 120, but I ended with a recent high of 165. bowling score jan4 I could have gotten more, but I ended with 2 gutter balls!

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