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Work and cooking

January 27, 2015

It has been a busy two days spent at the office. We are down to the wire with the 2015 State MG conference. We go live Monday,February 2 with registration MG Conf 2015for active Master Gardeners only, so we have been trying to catch up and get all the information in place, to the LR Convention Center for them to do our on-line set-up and be ready to go on Monday. We sent it all last night for proofing, so that was one item checked off the list. More columns to write–which is a weekly task, but those are sent too.
We are working on a newsletter for the May France trip too. As we all know, life happens, and we have had a couple of cancellations. Since the boat is all ours, we have until the date we sail–May 14 to sell the space, so if you have been considering going, there is room. It is going to be an amazing trip. Not only is Monet’s garden on a tour, Golden pond, but if you are doing the Paris extension, there is now a Versailles option for one day. ch de versailles jardin Let me know if you are interested, and look for the newsletter by Friday.

Tomorrow is our first quarterly meeting of County 76, county 76 logo our statewide advisory board. We have a large group of Master Gardeners coming in from all over the state, so we were finalizing what we needed for that as well. So it has been busy. In between, I have worked on handouts and Powerpoint for the upcoming next few days. Thursday I head to Garland County for the first MG training for Garland, Saline, Hot Spring, Montgomery and now Grant county–a new addition to the MG line-up. Then Friday afternoon, I head south to Magnolia, for their annual Garden Thyme event. Come join us. It begins at 9 Saturday and ends at noon.

Luckily, I had dinner almost ready when I got home. The sous vide machine did an amazing job on a fairly inexpensive round roast. I cooked it to slightly less than medium rare, but by low and slow, the meat was extremely tender and tasted like a much more expensive cut of beef. sous vide round roast.jan25.15 (1)

sous vide round roast.jan25.15 (2) We all loved it, and it was so easy to do. I think it will make great leftover roast beef sandwiches too.

It was lovely weather again today, and all this sunshine has been a boon for my indoor plants. The second stem on the amaryllis bloom finally began to open today and the stalk is easily 3 1/2 feet tall. amaryllis jan27.15 (1)

amaryllis jan27.15 (2) I turn the plant every couple of days to keep the stem straight and prevent it from tipping over. Look at the seed pod the other spent bloom has formed. Normally I cut off the spent bloom, but I didn’t think about it this time and I should have some great seeds.

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