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Registration Begins! and Stay Warm

February 2, 2015

It is official! Master Gardeners can begin to register this morning for the 2015 State MG Conference in Saline County. This is one of the perks of being a Master Gardener. Early registration begins today for active Master Gardeners and County Agents only. Our location dictates how many we can register, and this year we can handle 500, so I expect it to fill up quickly.MG Conf 2015 The email went out to county agents and county contacts this morning, so be watching for it. Saline County MGs have worked hard and they have a quality program planned.

It is cold outside this morning. The wind was whipping last night as I was out covering my lettuce, but it was needed, as it was 25 this morning when I got up. Windy cold nights are not as damaging as still, cold nights. I have not been watching the forecast, so I am not sure how long the cold is supposed to last, but let’s hope not long.

Here are your mystery plants for the week:

Mystery plant A – vegetables january 31.15 (12) is a vegetable plant.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b feb.2.15. is a tropical succulent.

Mystery plant C –mystery plant c.feb2.15. is a houseplant.

Good luck! and stay warm.

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