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Let’s hope the groundhog got it wrong–again!

February 3, 2015

Yesterday was groundhog day and he saw his shadow, predicting 6 more weeks of winter. groundhog2015. According to a report I heard on NPR, he has only been right about 40% of the time, so a coin toss is just as good a prognosticator of what is to come. In 2013, Phil issued a forecast for an early spring, but bitter cold and snow gripped the eastern U.S. into March that year. The prosecuting attorney in Butler County, Ohio, went as far as to seek the death penalty for Phil for “misrepresentation of early spring” before a Pennsylvania law firm came to Phil’s defense, claiming the Ohio attorney had no jurisdiction to prosecute the groundhog. The things people do for attention!

Regardless of what is in store the next six weeks, it was surely cold yesterday–all day, even when the sun came out. This morning it was 27 when I got up, so not a whole lot warmer.

Yesterday I spoke to a great group of new volunteer trainees in Conway. faulkner co mg training.2015.1

faulkner co mg training.2015.4They have a nice mix of people, with plenty of enthusiasm. One thing that Faulkner County does during the training sessions is display posters of their projects. faulkner co mg training.2015.3

faulkner co mg training.2015.5 This allows the new recruits to peruse what is happening during breaks. They also have a project chairman come in and give a brief overview of their projects. This combination approach can help people decide which project they want to work on, once they complete classes.faulkner co mg training.2015.8

The larger our groups become, the more important it is to help acclimate people into our programs. Mentoring goes a long way to help, but information and keeping people informed is also important.

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