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Winter has returned

February 13, 2015

It was quite chilly this morning as I left for an early morning meeting at Home Depot in Benton about a potential sponsorship of the 2015 state MG conference, and I was thoroughly impressed with the staff at that store. From the minute we walked in, until we walked out, they were the most welcoming, friendly people I have ever come across in a retail setting, and they didn’t know us from Adam. We hope to have good news to report in a few weeks.

Then it was on to the office to try to wrap up many loose ends, including my talk for tomorrow at the Pine Bluff Convention Center–the annual Pine Bluff Home & Garden Show goes on all day, and is free!???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????? Come join us. I will speak at 11 on container gardening, but they have a lot of other speakers as well. Their theme is Gardening in Small Spaces.

The temperatures really didn’t feel all that warm all day, although they say tomorrow should be in the mid to low 60’s, but the deep freeze comes back on Sunday night. I hope to have time to cover plants tomorrow when I return.

Tonight was 2nd Friday night art in downtown LR. We met up with some friends before heading to the galleries. I did some great shopping at Historic Arkansas Museum, but bought a new piece of art at the Butler Center. russell lemond work feb13.152They really showcase a wide range of artists, and one of my new favorites is not glass, but aluminum. Russell Lemond has some interesting pieces, and this is now my 3rd one. Each is quite unique and different, which is how I like my art. An added bonus was the artist was there and I got to visit with him. russell lemond feb13.152

russell lemond feb13.153 In addition, my friend and State Plant Board guru was performing with his band Paul and the rolling blackouts.feb13.1501

Paul and the rolling blackouts.feb13.1503 The Rolling Blackouts! What fun.

We ended the evening with a nice meal and great conversation. Then it was a quick run to the grocery store before finally heading home. It feels much colder than it is, and it is predicted to get much worse. I hope the early blooming bulbs don’t get zapped. My yellow crocus are lovely crocus feb.13.15 and I have seen daffodils and Japonica camellias in bloom in many of my neighbors yards.

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