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Snowed in!

February 16, 2015

Or should I say sleeted in? The winter precipitation started last night and continued most of the night and into the morning hours. We got primarily sleet here in Little Rock, and the roads and yards are covered. winter weather feb16.15 (1)

winter weather feb16.15 (3)We barely made it to 30 degrees today so not much melted. I think we saw the sun for a total of 30 minutes. It is getting even colder tonight, so everything will refreeze. I did walk the yard today and it was COLD. My poor plants are in shock after 70 plus degrees 2 days ago. The poor pansies are frozen solid. winter weather feb16.15 (4)

I would love to peak under my coverings to see how the plants have fared, but didn’t dare. winter weather feb16.15 (2)Only time will tell how plants survived. I had a lot of new growth on perennials, roses, and camellia japonicas were in bloom, so keep your fingers crossed.

We are supposed to start setting up for the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show tomorrow, but we may have to punt and get it done on Wednesday and Thursday. I have already bought some vegetable transplants and onion sets, so we have a start.

After this cold, I think we will all be ready for a taste of spring. Here are a couple of shots from last years show. afgs (12)

afgs (113)

I did get a lot accomplished in my “free day”. I wrote columns, handled email, did laundry and cleaned house! And I am making a Julia Child’s chicken dish tonight–I am trying to Master the art of French cooking!

Here are the answers from last week and new Mystery plants for the week:
Mystery plant A – mystery plant a.feb9.15 (2)

mystery plant a.feb9.15 (1) is the pregnant onion, Ornithogalum longibracteatum. Native to south africa it gets its common name from its habit to constantly produce babies at the base of the plant. Last year I featured another member of this genus – Ornithogalum dubiumOrnithogalum Dubium1 which also comes in orange. Neither of these plants would be winter hardy in Arkansas.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b.feb9.15. is Bolivian jew or Callisia repens (kal-LIZ-ee-uh REE-penz). It has much smaller leaves than normal wandering jew, but makes a great hanging basket.

Mystery plant C – mystery is the variegated ornamental sweet potato vine. Due to the heavy variegation it is not quite as vigorous as the Margarita or Blacky varieties, but still gives you a full hanging basket or annual groundcover.

Here are your plants for this week:

Mystery plant A – afgs.sunday.17 is a tropical flower. This is one of the arrangements from last years AFGS.

Mystery plant B – afgs.sunday.19 is from one of the flower arrangements from last years Arkansas Flower & Garden Show–it is a tropical.

Mystery plant C- mystery plant c feb16.15 are perennial varieties used at the AFGS.

Good Luck!

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