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AFGS set up and weather

February 18, 2015

The sun was shining but it was still 26 degrees when I woke up. It warmed up quickly and the drive to work had only a few slick spots here and there in the neighborhoods. We loaded up supplies and went to the statehouse convention center to see what was happening and to start setting up our display. We dropped off the first car loads and headed out to get soil and mulch. With the frigid temperatures, the outside garden area at Home Depot was closed due to icy conditions.plants protected. feb.15. All of the winter vegetables and annuals were moved into the houseplant area. We found some good vegetables and herbs, but wondered what they were thinking trying to have tomatoes this early–obviously they will need to make a new purchasetomatoes frozen feb18.15–in a few MONTHS! A nice employee unlocked the gate and had me drive in so he could load my car with mulch and soil–which was frozen! afgs wed set up.15.14 We unloaded it at the show and cut it open so it could defrost before planting our vegetables.afgs wed set up.15.13

afgs wed set up.15.01

There are some fabulous gardens going in–one the most elaborate and largest I have seen in a while. afgs wed set up.15.05

afgs wed set up.15.08

afgs wed set up.15.12Everyone is talking about the weather and what more is predicted. Thursday night/Friday morning sound dicey, but Saturday is supposed to be in the 60’s, so come Saturday and/or Sunday. No matter how much you know about gardening, there are new plants and new ideas happening all the time. Look at these clever vertical planters going in. afgs wed set up.15.03There is SO much to see, and we just got the tip of the iceberg today–probably not a good analogy!

Tonight I came home a bit later than usual, but dinner was almost ready. I sous vided a cheaper cut of beef roast all day and it was medium rare (the way we like it) all the way through and as tender and good eating as filet! With a quick few side dishes, we had a feast.sous vide beef feb18.15 (2) I used some left over Julia Child sauce to make it look fancy.

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