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A wintry end to the 24th Show

February 22, 2015

The weather did not do the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show any favors this year, with sleet and snow on Thursday/Friday to the north of us, but then more wintry weather at the close of our show. At 4:00 as the show ended, sleet was coming down pretty heavy in downtown Little Rock. The only saving grace was that the temperatures were hovering slightly above freezing, but it still caused most exhibitors to plan a hasty retreat. Many folks who normally clean up on Monday (including us) broke it all down tonight and got it out. The elevators were doing a brisk business.

We had a decent crowd mid-day, afgs sunday.15.13but by the close of business, it was getting pretty thin as folks were wary of the weather–and rightfully so.

Children’s activities were popular today in the meeting rooms, where kids could learn about earthworms and how plants move water and nutrients up and down their systems;afgs sunday.15.05

afgs sunday.15.12

afgs sunday.15.11, while 4-H was in attendance all three daysafgs2015.092.

While the AFGS is primarily a garden event, I am so pleased with the support and response of many of Extension’s other disciplines. Poultry science was on hand to discuss backyard chickensafgs sunday.15.17, our Hope Research station director talked mushroom production all three daysafgs sunday.15.21, and public policy talked watershedsafgs sunday.15.19, FCS did cooking demosafgs sunday.15.18, our bee expert promoted beekeepingafgs sunday.15.20, and water conservation was the topic from Mark Brownafgs.1.49. Our plant pathologist diagnosed many problems, afgs2015.054and had a cool set-up where you could see what she saw through the microscope projected on a tv screen–these are mealy bugs moving around. afgs2015.103

We talked to so many people and answered questions galore. We also had over 60 folks sign up for more information about the Saturday MG training in Conway this summer. We got a lot of applications, and sent out more. Our MG volunteers did an outstanding job recruiting and answering questions.
mg recruiting afgs.15.3

mg recruiting afgs.15.5

mg recruiting afgs.15.6

So while numbers were down overall due to weather, it was still a fantastic event for our state and the world of gardening. Mark your calendars now for next year, Feb. 26-28, 2016–it will be the 25th silver celebration, and you don’t want to miss it. And if you did miss this years show, visit the website and see the time lapse photography. It is pretty cool.

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