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February 26, 2015

I had a pretty relaxed schedule to get to the airport and made all flights on time and I am now sitting in my hotel room blogging. An amazing thing happened today. I went overnight on a trip with just a backpack! The Biermann family genes normally would not allow such a thing. My mother instilled in us to always be prepared for snow in July and we packed accordingly. Over the years I have actually made a few trips where I wore everything I packed and sometimes I even wore it twice. But I came bare bones this time, and will definitely use everything I brought, because I didn’t bring much. No choice of what to wear, jewelry to pick out. No portable fans, extra plugs, or slippers even! Truly amazing. So while the travel gods were smiling, I did have a dreaded middle seat both flights and was almost in the very back of the plane, but alls good.

This morning before I left I went to the vet with my son and his dog. He was expecting bad news and needed moral support, because he found what he thought was a tumor. It turned out to be an infected bite from the roommates little dog. They never even knew there was a fight. Tripps got shaved and then had a laser treatment. We all had to wear goggles, including the dog.



P1050405. Pretty cool, huh! Tripps actually liked them and didnt try to get them off.

I did check some of my vegetables and flowers after the snow. It was great to see the sun, but it still felt pretty cold. Plants look pretty good. The large kale I covered doesn’t have a burnt leaf.


P1050413 . Some of the uncovered plants had a few burned leaves, but I think things are going to be great.




My neighbors daffodils that were laying on the ground have even perked up and look good.

So lets hope that is the last of winter weather and we can move into spring.

Tomorrow morning I speak at the Tennessee MG winter school, which is their leadership conference. Then home tomorrow night.

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