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A gloomy Sunday and have you heard the forecast?!

March 1, 2015

It was a good day to stay inside and read a book, but thousands braved the cold and the rain and ran in the 2015 LR Marathon. LR marathon2015. I am sure they were happy it was over.

While the temperatures weren’t brutal, the forecast for the coming week is not glowing. If things stay the way they are, more winter precipitation is headed our way Wednesday and Thursday, and it is now MARCH. What is happening? I got reports from Northern Arkansas today and Mt. View had more than a dusting overnight and look at Mountain Home. Copy of DSC_9511 The cardinals were having a field day in Lucinda’s back yard, and so were the wild turkeys. turkeys in MT home. but the gardeners were snug inside with no gardening to do!

All the plants I bought at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show, which by now would normally be planted are all inside waiting for snow to be gone. I do think Mother Nature is a bit confused this year.

I piddled around doing all kinds of things indoors today, and did another sous vide dinner. This time veal chops and they were marvelous! sous vide veal chop.15.2

sous vide veal chop.15.1The key is to trim as much fat off as possible, since sous vide doesn’t deal well with fat. I rendered down the fat I trimmed off to get a little to make gravy, added red wine and chicken stock, and the gravy was amazing. I am becoming more of a fan all the time.

Tomorrow I head south to Bowie County Texas for MG training there.

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