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It has happened again!

March 4, 2015

All day people were watching the forecasts and trying to predict if and when the winter weather would occur in Arkansas. We started getting reports from NW Arkansas that it was coming but our local MG planning committee for the state MG conference decided to bump up our 5 pm meeting to a 3 pm meeting. As the day progressed we decided maybe we should reconsider, and as I drove home at 4:30 with driving sleet and slippery roads, I was happy with our decision of cancelling, since I would have been in Benton when the roads were getting slippery.

The sleet and snow have continued at a pretty heavy pace all evening, and it is still coming down fast and furious. winter precipmar4.15 (2)

winter precipmar4.15 (4) The roads are covered and the sleet continues. An ambulance came to our neighborhood several hours ago and the EMT workers had to abandon the ambulance at the bottom of the hill and walked in. As we were heading home, my husband got a text that we had lost power. We finally got to use the whole house generator we bought last summer. generator1 We have lived here for over 15 years and we have often lost power when someone sneezed! We finally broke down and got a generator and we haven’t had to test it until now, but it was nice. We only needed it for 2 hours, but it was 2 hours without worry. We have typically been the last in the neighborhood to get power once we lost it.

The sleet continues and who knows when this winter weather will end. Our office is closed tomorrow, but I hope it moves out quickly, so I can head to Mountain Home for their garden seminar this weekend.

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