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Snow in March!

March 5, 2015

The predictions were accurate, and while it sleeted heavily all evening, the snow came down overnight. We awoke to 3-5 inches of snow over about a 1/2 inch of ice. There was not a lot of traffic going up and down our hill, but Clay did make it to work, but it wasn’t easy. snow mar 5.15 (2)

snow mar 5.15 (3)
It was gloomy and cold this morning, but by late morning the sun was shining and we eventually warmed up to 40 degrees in my yard. The snow was dripping and melting, but not fast enough. I got out and cleared the front porch and the back steps. The layer of ice underneath the snow may get interesting now that things are refreezing. snow mar 5.15 (36)

snow mar 5.15 (37) The sun and snow made for some pretty scenery and there were quite a few kids out sledding. The dogs love the snow and I went out and played with them. It was great for making snowballs and Scooter would catch them and even run with them until they began to melt. snow mar 5.15 (1)

snow mar 5.15 (11)

snow mar 5.15 (31)

snow mar 5.15 (42)

snow mar 5.15 (46)

snow mar 5.15 (52)

The big hill had a few tire tracks that were clearing, but the road out front is still pretty covered. A few pansies and the hellebores were peaking through the snow. snow mar 5.15 (27)

snow mar 5.15 (28)

snow mar 5.15 (32)
Tonight temperatures are predicted to drop to 14 here, but 0 in Jonesboro! I have been checking road conditions, and I think I should be ok to head out tomorrow afternoon for Mt. Home. Let’s just hope the sun is shining tomorrow to aid in melting, and that the temperatures don’t stay that low for too long. The snow should act as a good insulator for our plants, and once we dig out, we should begin to assess their health.

For all those who suggested that we move the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show to March–think again. This would have been even worse than what we had!

It is so cold the cardinals are even bundling up and drinking coffee:) cardinal in snow Stay warm and think spring!

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