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March 26, 2015

It started off rainy, and wasn’t that some impressive thunder overnight? One of our dogs got so scared he got under the covers. Of course, our windows were open so it made it even louder. But then, it cleared up and got quite a bit colder. It still was a pretty day.

This afternoon and evening was a mini-reunion with roommates and friends from college. paula,helen,karen and cindy.mar26.15 (2)

paula,helen,karen and cindy.mar26.15 (11) They started gathering mid afternoon and left just a little while ago. One we hadn’t seen since my wedding, almost 31 years ago, so there was a lot of catching up to do. We talked, laughed, looked at pictures and ate a good meal.paula,helen,karen and cindy.mar26.15 (5)

The sous vide pork loin was really good. I continue to be impressed with my Sansaire sous vide machine. I cut the bigger loin in two, trimmed it of all fat and one I just seasoned with Moroccan seasoning, Chinese 5 spice and a little Cavendars. sous vide pork loin.mar26 (11) The other I butterflied and filled with fresh herbs and feta cheese then wrapped and just put salt and pepper on it. sous vide pork loin.mar26 (8)

sous vide pork loin.mar26 (9) I sous vided them for about 4 1/2 hours and they were moist and so tender. The mixed greens salad from my garden with pear, blue cheese and pecans was the first course, and I made polenta and then sautéed some of the kale with coconut milk and it was quite tasty. I did not cook it down as long as what I had over the weekend. sous vide pork loin.mar26 (4) Then my friend brought a lovely bundt cake with strawberries, so all in all a nice meal.

What could be better, good food and great friends. We hope it won’t be another 30 years until we do this again. paula,helen,karen and cindy.mar26.15 (6)

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