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Cross County and weather

April 2, 2015

Well I posted too early yesterday evening, bemoaning my lack of rain, and rain it did that evening. I got 1.12 inches in probably close to 30 minutes and the lightening and thunder were quite impressive. Power flickered off and on, even the generator kicked on once, but by 10 it was gone and no more during the night. I awoke to dark stormy skies but as I headed north to Wynne for the Cross County MG Planting your Bloomers seminar, the skies got clearer. By Wynne, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was a beautiful warm day. The Cross County Master Gardeners did a great job organizing the event and they had a packed room with folks from all over the state. cross county garden event apr2.15 (2)

cross county garden event apr2.15 (3) They started the day off with George Selden an aquatics specialist located in Jonesboro. He talked about water and rain gardens and did a great job. I spoke on the top 10 landscaping mistakes and herbs. Randy Forst finished the day with landscape design. During the breaks and lunch there was a lot of interaction, visiting and questions amongst participants and speakers. cross county garden event apr2.15 (1)

cross county garden event apr2.15 (4)

The Cross County MGs were a tad distressed because their long-time county agent Richard Klerk has taken a new position with extension in Woodruff County. They will do fine working with the other staff members, and now Richard needs to start a program in Woodruff Co. I will give him a month or two to get his feet wet!

It was cloudy and spitted rain on the drive back, but I did not get any rain at home and it was quite warm. I walked the garden tonight experimenting with the new camera. I am afraid my two young fig trees have been nipped back. I see a sprout on one at the base, but nothing from the top yet. fig trees apr2.15 (2)
Also, the Brussels sprouts I have been so enamored with are beginning to bolt instead of getting bigger. I am going to have to eat them as is, or there won’t be anything left soon. brussells sprouts sprouting apr2.15. I was hoping they would get a big larger. Many of the early season vegetables are beginning to bolt and go to seed with this warmer weather. That will give me more room to plant new vegetables once I harvest.

I tried using the zoom feature on the new camera and while it is good, it is not as good as the macro lens–here is the white loropetalum bloom that opened today. loropetalum white apr2.15.

And if anyone needs any garlic chives, it is my “monkey grass” bordering the sidewalk to the back yard. It is quite healthy!garlic chives apr2.15. Good thing we like garlic.

Several of you have shared nice comments with me on the recent issue of Soiree magazine. I hadn’t seen it until today, but someone brought me a copy. This is the back page–an ad for UAMS. soiree ad 2015.

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  1. April 2, 2015 8:07 pm

    1.7 inches of rain at my house in Saline County

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