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A Spectacular Day

April 4, 2015

It was only 44 degrees when we got up, but the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. What a glorious day. It was my first Saturday off in months and I spent a good deal of it outdoors cleaning up and pruning at my dads house. I did a little bit at my house, but ran errands too. We were a tad late to be cutting back the monkey grass but we pulled it back and saw how tall it was, and did the cutting. It will make it fresher this season. monkey grass cutting back.apr4.1501

monkey grass cutting back.apr4.1502

monkey grass cutting back.apr4.1507
If you haven’t pruned, although it is a tad late, pull back the old growth to see how tall the new growth is and then cut above that.

I also pruned roses and cut back the dead growth out of hydrangeas. I pulled weeds and picked up.

Spring is bouncing out all over. The azaleas are ready to burst, but just a few buds are fully open. ??????????????????????????????? A few latent blooms are still on forsythia forsythia apr4.15. but if yours have finished blooming, now is the time to prune. These plants bloom on new growth, so thinning out some of the older canes will make them flower better next spring.

I harvested over half of the Brussels sprouts when I got home and we ate them for dinner. I called them baby sprouts–they were smaller than I had hoped but tasted great. brussells  (1)I will harvest the rest tomorrow. Many of my early vegetables are bolting, so we ate more kale too. Dinner tonight was featured around what was in the garden. We had a mixed salad of spinach and lettuce (which are not bolting) with kale and arugula (which are bolting). We had fresh onions and kale from the garden sautéed with garlic, peppers, and shrimp over fresh pasta. It was quite nice.

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