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Is it summer?

April 7, 2015

From being chilled yesterday taping TV outdoors to turning the air conditioner on because it is 84 today is another extreme. We are having the deck resurfaced, a much needed project,deck resurface apr7.15 (3) but it means we can’t open the doors to get the breeze in because we don’t want the dogs to fall. So air conditioning it is. That is probably better for our allergies anyway, since my car had a thick layer of yellow on it as I came out of the office this afternoon. I have already had a few casualties during the deck reconstruct– a huge limb is missing on my camellia and a smaller one on the rhododendron. The last time Clay was adding to the deck I lost a complete rhododendron when the ladder fell on it. It is a good thing I am not here all day watching. deck resurface apr7.15 (1) We do have limited access to the back yard, so I understand, A LITTLE. It will just mean buying new plants when it is done.

The warm weather is adding to the bolting process of the winter vegetables kale bolting. apr7.15 but we are eating it as fast as we can. I added kale to the polenta tonight and it was quite tasty. The Swiss chard is really showing off now swiss chard apr7.15 and my potatoes have all emerged. potatoes up apr7.151

My purple foliaged loropetalums don’t have any blooms, but the white flowering ones do. loropetalum white apr7.15.1

loropetalum white apr7.15.2

The perennials are really growing. The brunnera brunnera apr7.151

tulip red apr7.15is prettier every day and I have enough toad liliestoad lily apr7.151 to blanket the world it seems. The baptisiabaptistia apr7.15. has really grown and I was amazed to find two red tulips blooming from bulbs that were easily 4 years old. tulip red apr7.15

You have to walk the garden often these days or you might miss something!

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